Principia Humanitatis.ORG is a  not-for-profit private project that  nourishes   the concept of - Renaissance Student -   the well-rounded knowledgeable student who is oriented to develop a complete mindset towards The Art of Peace (TAP), The Art of Innovation (TAI) and The Art of Entrepreneurship (TAE),   creating social, socialeconomic and environmental transformative-value for humanity, hence, being able to change our society and our world  for the better.

Therefore,  heuristic cognitive processes are  oriented to value each student's creative potential  as the nuclei of  knowledge transformative-value for society, through a pioneering project-learning experience:       THE 7 STEPS 4SUSTAINABILITY - Learning  4PEACE (positivity), 4INNOVATION (ingenuity) and 4ENTREPRENEURSHIP (responsibility).

Position Students as Active-Agents for knowledge-transformative-value through the   intersection of "meta-imagination and "mind-set-purpose required  to achieve  Peaceful,   Innovative and Entrepreneurial Societies; and,  therefore, deliver  diversity, inclusion and equity as social, economic and environmental values that transform "Schools" into "Hub-Ecosystems" oriented to flourish the  biology of creativity   for   sustainable development of our society and of our world. 

Accordingly, we undertake the mission of defying  established status quo, through   evidence based practice educational  programs (vide "matrix_dimensions"), to prove  that: "All students are capable of  creating transformative economic, social and environmental  value for sustainable development of our society and of our world."

We are wholeheartedly driven towards the advent of an entrepreneurial society moved by trust and reciprocity in which Peace  is the highest educational purpose-value for  social, economic and environmental  positive-change; Innovation   is the highest educational fulfillment-value for ingenuity;  and Entrepreneurship is the highest   educational commitment-value for taking responsibility for the problems of the world and creating solutions for them.

Learning 4Peace, 4Innovation and 4Entepreneurship

MYAVATAR PROGRAM: When my competitive advantage is my "meta-imagination" I own the Green Power of Positivity (Agency4Peace); Ingenuity (Angency4Innovation) and Eesponsability (Agency4Entrepreneurship)  and I am able to transform the world into a better-world;

MYHUB PROGRAM: When my competitive advantage is my "meta-cognition" I own the Green Power of  Positivity (Agency4Pecae), Igenuity (Agency4Innovation) and Responsability (Agency4Entrepreneurship) and I am able to transform my weaknesses into strengths; my environmental threats into opportunities and the world into a better-world


All  Principia Humanitatis.ORG's interventions are committed to National Regulatory Compliances  and  towards the achievement of National and International Educational Values/Perspectives 2030;   17 Sustainable Development Goals;  the Letter of Fundamental Rights of The European Union and  towards  4principles that inspire us:

ACT as if no artificial of fashion, politics, business, nor religion had ever been. INTERVENE  using the singularity of human language, as if it was the only medicine capable of curing any disorder. BLOW seeds of knowledge to be and wait for the wind to bring them back stronger.  BELIEVE   on the language of PEACE, INNOVATION and ENTREPRENEURSHIP and defy  the gravity of those who don't.

"(...) Aprendemos os 17 Passos para a Sustentabilidade de uma forma divertida, porém séria, através de videos sobre tecnologias avançadas, histórias de vida, alterações climáticas e realização de trabalhos de projeto que nos dão ideias para o nosso futuro. Com este projeto percebemos melhor que a colaboração de todos é imprescindível para tornar o mundo mais pacífico, igualitário e sustentável."

"Este projeto é muito interessante e útil".

"Tem sido muito enriquecedor a partilha das aulas e conhecer o projeto."  

 "(...) Aliás na parte da criatividade ser o resultado do conjunto do capital biográfico e académico com a imaginação, os alunos começaram a desenvolver um novo projeto tendo em conta a criatividade de cada um... adorei ver o interesse na conversa durante a execução do projeto." 


"Providing project-management-knowledge to students and observing how easily they grasp complex concepts as peace (positivity),  innovation (ingenuity) and entrepreneurship (responsability), is per se an empowering vision for our future as sentience human beings who care and respect  each other.

Being a mom of 3 teens, and having more than 20 years of experience on business management, has made me realize how much students can  benefit from learning basic management skills by applying them from early stages. Effectively, management is not a rigid thinking pattern, but a well-rounded creative process of thinking how to link different parts and make them work together.

Therefore, shouldn't children and teens be nourished to learn how to hold together all the different knowledge-parts that are taught separately, in order to make them work together as a whole? Shouldn't students be nourished to develop a complete mind (not a split mind!) through the realisation that everything connects to everything? Shouldn't students learn leadership and good practices from the best corporate citizenship values? Shouldn't  students learn that  free enterprise cannot be justified as being good for business. It can only be justified as being good for society (Peter F. Ducker)? Most of all, shouldn't students learn how to use their imagination for positivity (PEACE), for ingenuity (INNOVATION) and for responsability (ENTREPRENEURSHIP)? I strongly believe they must and they  💪 💚 learning it!!!"    
Sandra Luísa Nunes

"I hold a PhD in sociology. I led an European project (FP7) on youth homelessness and reported for the Council of Europe and the European Commission as expert on the social inclusion and youth field. My main research areas include youth, social inclusion, risk behaviours and risk assessment. 

I have gained experience in these fields also while working for NGOs related with homelessness. Part of my training and working experiences have benefited from exchange programmes, such as the Fulbright in the USA, INED (Institute National d’Etudes Démographiques) in Paris, and a Marie Curie Training Site on Crime Prevention and Public Policy, at Keele University, UK. 

My contact with children and young adults in situations of social exclusion and my experience as lecturer (sociology of youth at the California State University Stanislaus and Nova University of Lisbon) reinforced my beliefs that the educational field is a key-stone for promoting equal opportunities. Knowing that reaching students with different learning profiles, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds is challenging, and thinking as a mother, I feel absolutely involved on contributing to achieve an educational environment for our children which promotes inclusion and fights social inequalities.

I see the project 17 STEPS 4SUSTAINABILITY - Learning 4PEACE (positivity), 4INNOVATION (ingenuity) and 4ENTREPRENEURSHIP (responsibility), as offering universal knowledge tools, which stimulate creativity as a way to reach students in their diversity, putting them in the centre of the learning process, bridging with the fulfilment of the teacher as an essential piece of a fluid educational process." Filipa Lourenço Menezes